Dr. Eric Bade


Dr. Eric Bade is a co-founder of Cryptoz Liechtenstein. His vision is to provide access to cryptocurrencies for everyone and to drive blockchain technologies. As managing director, he is responsible for the business strategy, the go-to-market and MR, Prior to founding Cryptoz Liechtenstein, he spent many years working in management consulting for the banking industry. He worked for large consulting companies and later founded his own consulting company. During his time as a consultant he has accompanied a large number of banks on the path of digitization and the integration of platforms.

Severin Beusch


Severin Beusch is a co-founder of Cryptoz Liechtenstein. As Managing Director, he is responsible for Finance, Design and User Experience. His urge and ambition for new knowledge drive him constantly. In 2013 he made his first experiences with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Severin Beusch is a trained business information specialist HF and has extensive experience in digitization and IT Architecture in the banking environment.

Urs Kobald Software Engineer

Urs Kobald is a software engineer at Cryptoz Liechtenstein. He is a trained business information scientist HF and has a broad knowledge in finance, accounting and web application development. At Cryptoz Liechtenstein, he is responsible for the implantation of interfaces and (further) development of the required applications and software. HF, hat ein brei­tes Wis­sen in Finan­zen, Buch­hal­tung und Web­ap­pli­ka­ti­ons­ent­wick­lung. Bei Cryp­toz Liech­ten­stein ist er für die Implan­ta­ti­on der Schnitt­stel­len sowie (Weiter-)Entwicklung der benö­tig­ten Appli­ka­tio­nen und Soft­ware ver­ant­wort­lich.

Advisory Board

Dominic Beusch

  Advisor & investor

Dominic Beusch has been dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2012 and can be described as the blockchain enthusiast of the first hour. He brings tremendous knowledge in this area and shares this with Cryptoz Liechtenstein. He is also an investor in various start-ups within the blockchain scene. He also owns an exec. MBA in Digital Transformation and is active in the financial industry as a project manager within the digital transformation.

Marc Enz


Marc Enz has been working as a consultant for Cryptoz Liechtenstein since the beginning of the company and supports solutions in the market with his experience in the market and the establishment of Cryptoz Liechtenstein. He has been involved with the use of technology in the financial industry for more than 10 years and has gained experience in projects with banks and fintechs on various continents. He has been working in the management of a financial services firm for several years, closely monitoring new developments in the industry.

Felix Lämmler


Felix Lämmler has many years of experience in the consulting sector and is Chairman of the Board of Directors in a management consultancy. He supports us with his expertise in successfully managing our business in a long-term, goal-oriented manner.

Matthias Langer

Matthias Langer is tax consultant and partner of actus ag. His main areas of expertise are Liechtenstein and German tax law as well as cross-border taxation. He also specializes in tax and accounting consulting for cryptocurrency and blockchain-based applications. As a pioneer in this sector, for example, he manages the first blockchain-based company in Liechtenstein as well as the first one STO Europe.

Jürg Baltensperger

Jürg Baltensperger is a regulatory expert for DLT topics with focus on compliance and risk management. He is owner of the consulting company JayBee AG where he provides efficient solutions for his clients from DLT area due to his risk-based approches and his multiple years of practical experiences. Furthermore, he teaches Cryptocurrency & ICO Compliance at HWZ Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration. DLT Questions with a focus on compliance and risk management. He is the owner of the consulting company JayBee AG, with which he, thanks to the risk-based approach and many years of practical experience, provides efficient solutions for his customers from the DLT Area finds. He also teaches cryptocurrency & ICO Compliance at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences HWZ and is a member of the CVA Regulatory Working Group on the subject DLT Regulation.

Siegfried Herzog

Siegfried Herzog has longstanding expertise in the fields of banking, trust and Blockchain compliance. Next to AML, KYC and CTF projects, Siegfried specialized in due diligence legislation, common reporting standard related process management and digitalization. His common business is driven by compliance issues of small financial intermediaries as well as consulting bigger international fintech companies. KYC, AML and CFT Siegfried Herzog specialized in the areas of due diligence law, automatic information exchange and the associated process management and digitization issues. His day-to-day business determines compliance issues of small financial market participants to the same extent as interpretation questions of large fintech companies.

Markus Illigen

Mar­kus Illi­gen ist ein Advi­sor von Cryp­toz Liech­ten­stein. Er hat die Visi­on, den Zugang zu Kryp­towäh­run­gen für jeder­mann sicher zu machen und Kryp­towäh­run­gen am Markt zu eta­blie­ren. Er ist ein Seni­or Finan­ce und Risk Pro­fes­sio­nal mit mehr als 15 Jah­ren inter­na­tio­na­ler Erfah­rung in den Berei­chen Risi­ko­ma­nage­ment, IT and data security, management consulting, product development, business operations and strategy. Prior to joining Cryptoz Liechtenstein, he worked for several well-known consulting firms and co-founded a consulting firm. As Managing Director, he is responsible for Risk Management and Marketing.

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