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Simply Liechtenstein

Numerous locational advantages, a liberal and stable economic policy, a head of state who lives entrepreneurship, everything centrally located in the middle of Europe and in addition a magnificent landscape: that is Liechtenstein.

Admittedly, with its 160 km² land area, Liechtenstein is one of the dwarves among the states. In terms of entrepreneurship, the country but plays at the forefront. World leaders and globally active industrial companies, a professional, innovative financial center and a large number of commercial enterprises characterize the Principality.

Financial center Liechtenstein

The financial center is an important component of the Liechtenstein economy. Not only banks feel comfortable in Liechtenstein. The insurance industry, the asset management industry, the fund industry and the fiduciary industry also know the location advantages of the Principality.

The Principality of Liechtenstein has a specialized, internationally networked and stable financial center, which is monitored by a strong financial market supervisory authority. Behind the industrial sector, financial services are the largest economic sector of the Liechtenstein economy.

The banks have the most weight within the financial services sector. The entire financial sector employs some 6,000 people, or 16% of the country's labor force.

Blockchain Liechtenstein

Liech­ten­stein ist momen­tan der attrak­tiv­ste Stand­ort für Block­chain­un­ter­neh­men. Die Regie­rung Liech­ten­stein hat das Gesetz über “auf ver­trau­ens­wür­di­gen Tech­no­lo­gien beru­hen­de Trans­ak­ti­ons­sy­ste­me” im August 2018 in die Ver­nehm­las­sung ver­ab­schie­det. Zusätz­lich hat die FMA For the first time a prospectus of a ICO (Initial Coin Offering) TGE (Token Genera­ting Event) eines Secu­ri­ty Token gebil­ligt.

Further information about Liechtenstein can be found here here.

Benefits Location Liechtenstein

open to Blockchain
important financial center
Crypto silicon valley
Service for entrepreneurs
Innovation is encouraged
Ideal for startups