Simplify digital money trading

Finance Cryptocurrencies have not yet reached the mass market. One reason for this is their cumbersome handling. A team of entrepreneurs from the Rhine valley wants to change that.

It takes two things to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and all the other cryptocurrencies these days: angelic patience and trust in God. In addition, good nerves are needed. For example, the bitcoin price has fallen from 20,000 to 3,800 francs. Nevertheless, interest in the cryptocurrencies continues unabated. How does the trade work? It starts with choosing the right trading platform.

The number of crypto exchanges is barely manageable, and among the reputable providers mingle with rip-offs. In addition, nobody likes to pass on sensitive data. And even if nothing went wrong at the time of purchase, there is still concern about hacker attacks on the crypto exchange, which is trusted. Without the necessary security measures, even the loss of digital money threatens. The Internet platform Cryptoz Liechtenstein is intended for people who want to save themselves the trouble of trading in cryptocurrencies. The customer creates a user account, selects the desired currency and initiates the purchase order with a mouse click. The rest is done by Cryptoz Liechtenstein. The service provider handles the processing, supports the secure storage of the values ​​and, if requested, sends the tax certificate. Above all, Cryptoz also focuses its service on professional financial service providers. These could transfer individual services, such as the customers' on-board digital process, or the whole process of trading and processing orders with cryptocurrencies to Cryptoz Liechtenstein.

Behind the web platform is the idea of ​​two brothers from Sevelen in the St.Gallen Rhine Valley. Dominic and Severin Beusch have in the past "not only had positive experiences trading in cryptocurrencies. This provided the impetus for the concept of Cryptoz. "We want to simplify the processes and make them more professional," explains Severin Beusch. His brother Dominic introduced him to Eric Bade. Apart from Beuschs, Bade had also gained initial experience as a private person and then started developing a business idea with his partner Markus Illigen. "We realized that we complement each other well because of our different careers," says Eric Bade. This led to the founding of the company in Schaan, Liechtenstein, in mid-October. Together with Severin Beusch, Eric Bade and Markus Illigen form the founding team. Dominic Beusch supports the company in a consulting role. "Reliability depends a lot on finance," explains co-founder Bade. That's why Liechtenstein as a company location is ideal. The "Ländle", however, does not leave it in its reputation as a trustworthy site: Obviously, a potential has been identified in blockchain, the technology on which most cryptocurrencies are based. Now you want to create good conditions as quickly as possible. From the so-called "blockchain law", which is currently in the consultation, the Principality hopes the chance to be a pioneer out.

Greater spread of cryptocurrencies Cryptoz Liechtenstein also benefits from this, says Eric Bade, "because purely from a technical point of view our services are feasible from everywhere". Future-oriented regulations are just as important. This would provide companies with planning security and investors would benefit from high transparency. The financial market supervision of the principality meets the entrepreneurs with goodwill. "We could have waited for approval in Switzerland," says Severin Beusch.

Blockchainwerde «the world change», which is the team of Cryptoz Liechtenstein convinced. One wants to contribute in the field of cryptocurrencies to the fact that the technology is spread. Bade: "Everything is still in its infancy. We have to be prepared not just for enthusiasts. But we do not want to stick to our ideas. We want to implement them. "

Published on 4 December 2018