Cryptoz Liechtenstein

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is complicated and time-consuming. Cryptoz Liechtenstein solves this problem and offers a one-stop service, from the purchase of the coin to the creation of the wallet to custody and tax return. The process is simple and straightforward.

A detailed list of the benefits of Cryptoz Liechtenstein see our page "Why Cryptoz "

Liechtenstein is the first country in the world to offer real legal certainty in dealing with cryptocurrencies. Corresponding laws and regulations have already been initiated. In addition, Liechtenstein offers a very successful history in finance. We have the reasons for the Liechtenstein location for you here summarized.

At this time, we do not offer investment advice or asset management services. Cryptoz Liechtenstein only provides access to crypto currency markets and enables the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies. However, you decide for yourself whether cryptocurrencies are the right investment products for you. In addition, you alone have full control over your investments, as the passwords (private keys) are yours. Cryptoz Liechtenstein does not store this data after it has been sent to you.

After you have placed your order, we take care of the execution. First, transfer the money for which you want to trade cryptocurrencies. After that, we place your order on the market, create a personal wallet and transfer the cryptocurrency to your wallet. The wallet will be handed over to you safely. After you have received the wallet, we delete the data on pages Cryptoz Liechtenstein. A detailed description of the process can be found at "How does it work".

After your order has been received and released, you will receive an e-mail with payment details. There you can see how you can send us the money.

We do our best to keep the time as short as possible - from receiving your order to submitting your wallet. Unfortunately, the purchase and sale are associated with some intermediate steps, the speeds are not in our power. Normally the whole process takes about 3 - 5 days.

We've implemented the ability to buy and sell the most important cryptocurrencies. We are constantly expanding the offer. If you have any special requests, we look forward to hearing from you feedback, We take your request very seriously and check its implementation very promptly.

Registration process

At Cryptoz Liechtenstein, we follow a strict white money strategy and adhere to applicable laws and due diligence. Therefore, every customer who wants to buy cryptocurrencies through our platform must register.

Cryptoz Liechtenstein strictly adheres to applicable due diligence obligations. These require the customer to be aware of risks and to ask for certain risk appetite information.

We require a copy of your passport or yours from us ID, In addition, we require a confirmation of your residence. For this you can, for example, upload a telephone or gas bill. However, the document must not be older than 12 months.


We offer four standard products, which is a change of 1'000 EUR, 2'500 EUR, 5'000 EUR as well as 10'000 EUR allow. In addition, we offer the opportunity to exchange higher amounts through Cryptoz Liechtenstein. Contact us for an individual offer.


You can sell all cryptocurrencies to Cryptoz Liechtenstein, which you also purchased through Cryptoz Liechtenstein. To avoid possible money laundering, we currently do not accept cryptocurrencies that were not purchased on Cryptoz Liechtenstein.

My account

You can log in to Cryptoz Liechtenstein with your user data. There you can under "My Cryptoz " Customize your data.

After successful login you can place your order under "My Cryptoz " look at.



Your safety is one of our biggest concerns. We do everything we can to make your investments safe. We use the highest security standards you have come to expect from traditional banks. We also rely on the services of our partners, such as established banks or well-known providers of security solutions. When it comes to security we do not compromise.

Cryptoz Liechtenstein has a very strong focus on data security and has implemented appropriate measures. When registering, we only collect a minimum of data in order to be able to guarantee the identification of our customers in accordance with applicable laws and due diligence. Our platform uses security standards that you usually find at banks. After creating the wallets and transferring them to you, we delete the private keys. The handling of your data is important to us.

We create for you a wallet with associated public and private key. This wallet with the keys will be sent to you. After you receive the wallet, we will delete this data from us. This will ensure that Nobody but you Get access to your personal wallet. You alone have full control.


A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency with the purpose of acting as a medium of exchange. They are based on cryptographic tools such as blockchains and digital signatures. As a payment system they should be independent, distributed and secure. Cryptocurrencies represent entries in databases that nobody can change unless special conditions are met.

A crypto currency wallet is a software program that stores the passwords (private and public keys). It can interact with various blockchains so that the user can send and receive digital currencies. To use digital currency, you need a digital wallet.

More information regarding Hardware Wallet can be found here here.

The information of the wallet is strictly confidential. Only with the help of the private key crypto lures can be removed from your wallet. Therefore, keep the wallet as secure as possible after receipt. Do not share the information with any other person, especially any unknown person.

You own the wallet and the associated passwords (Private & Public key). These passwords allow you to initiate payments to other addresses (public key) and verify them with the private key. Since only you know the private key, no one else can dispose of your crypto gate.