Digital client onboarding combined with outsourcing compliance for ICO/STO and professional financial service providers

Recently, we announced that Cryptoz Liechtenstein offers a full digital client onboarding process. We have now moved to the next stage: Offering digital client onboarding as a service combined with outsourcing compliance.

Besides the rather well-known Know-Your-Customer (KYC) part of onboarding clients, the full onboarding process goes far beyond. Whether you need to perform client background checks or perform risk assessments, there is also the requirement to be ready for official audits. All these aspects you need to take care of when onboarding client.

Does this sound complicated? It is. Does this sound like: Ooops, I don't know what to do and this might stop my ICO or STO project if I don't become an expert? Yes, this might happen. However, we have listened to you and have a all-in-one solution in place. The highlights of our service are:

  • Fully compliant digital onboarding of private and corporate customers

  • Outsourcing of compliance

  • Risk scoring model for assessing clients

  • Source of funds for fiat & cryptocurrencies

  • Full integration and white-labeling possible

  • You sleep well

Besides taking care of the regulatory and bank requirements, we have worked in close collaboration with NOVEM Gold to tailor the solution for high usability and easy-to-manage token sales. NOVEM Gold currently offers its NVM token for discounts on NOVEM Gold-Ser­vices and uses the services of Cryptoz Liechtenstein to onboard investors. Together we have already written a success story where more is to come over next months.

Our goal is clear - offering a standardized highly sophisticated digital onboarding service which results in less compliance risks from investments and which allows a superior time-to-market due to extremely short implementation time. In this way compliance becomes as easy as A.B.C. while you can focus on your core business.

Interested or just ahead of your ICO/STO? Let's talk and see if we can build a successful story together.

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