Cryptoz Liechtenstein is pleased to announce that we can now offer hardware wallets as a safe deposit method.

In cooperation with Trezor, we offer the option to choose safekeeping via hardware wallet when buying and selling. As a customer, you can then use hardware wallet to manage your crypto currencies on your own or have them administered via Cryptoz Liechtenstein. The choice is yours.

This requirement was implemented due to various customer requests and included in the process of Cryptoz Liechtenstein. This new wallet solution also guarantees the usual high usability and security that you are used to from Cryptoz Liechtenstein.

Advantages short and to the point:

  • Safekeeping on your own

  • Currently the safest and most proven method of securing cryptocurrencies

  • The private key is never related to the internet and is therefore very vulnerable

Cryptoz Liechtenstein wishes you lots of fun when ordering.

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