You have cryptocurrencies but you do not know how to specify them in your tax return? - Cryptoz Liechtenstein offers a help to fill out the tax return.

The taxation of cryptocurrencies and their trade is not yet regulated by law. Therefore, general tax rules must be observed. Due to the novelty of these assets, however, their correct tax treatment is very complex.

  • What taxes are relevant when trading cryptocurrencies?

  • How are taxes calculated for cryptocurrencies?

  • When do profits have to be taxed on cryptocurrencies and when not?

Cryptoz Liechtenstein therefore offers investors in cryptocurrencies a taxpayer assistance form, which we have worked out together with tax experts.

Our completion assistance supports you in the taxation of cryptographic gains or losses, in declarations and income tax returns in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

You can find more information about the taxpayer's help in completing the tax return here.

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